Sunday, March 21, 2021

Key Features of Revised Organic Law on Political Parties and Candidates Commission (OLIPPAC) Bill

Some of the Key features that is highlighted in the revised Organic Law on Integrity of Political Parties and Candidates
Key Features of Revised OLIPPAC Bill
1) rules for the registration of political parties;
2) to provide for specific processes for registration of new political parties, reregistration of existing political parties and deregistered or cancelled political parties; and
3) improved monitoring and management of political parties;
4) more professional conduct of executives and members of political parties;
5) increase the discipline of members of political parties; and
6) impose fines and penalties on political parties and executives of political parties when they break the rules.
7) to provide for clear political party policies and ideologies that must be different from each other; and
8) to provide for political parties to fully support their candidates by endorsing, nominating and supporting them; and
9) to provide for the salaries and allowances of the Executives of political parties; and
10) to provide for fair representation and opportunity for women’s participation in politics; and
11) to provide for political parties and independent candidate’s listings to be submitted to the Registry; and
12) to provide for political party dispute resolutions to be dealt with in party constitution; and
13) to provide for the process of invitation to form government as the responsibility of the Registrar; and
14) to provide for the need for the Registry to have investigative and prosecution powers.