Thursday, February 6, 2020

Planning Day outlines activities for 2020

By William Garena
The staffs of the Registry led by the Registrar Dr Alphonse Gelu took time out to conduct their planning day on 4th December 2019 at the Bengo Conference Centre. The planning day has been a practice for the Registry since 2013, and its purpose is to identify and prepare key activities and programs for the 2020 financial year.
In the 2020 financial year, the Registry will undertake seven key activities that are closely related to promoting and strengthening political parties as identified in the Integrity of Political Parties and Candidates Corporate Plan 2018-2022. All individual staff work plans will align with these activities. These activities include: Revised OLIPPAC; Presentation of the 2013, 2014 and 2015 Annual Reports; District Awareness; Cultural Festivals; Mentoring of Party Executives; Mentoring of Selected Intending Female Candidates for the 2022 National Elections; Political Party Forums; and Publication of Reports
The revised OLIPPAC Bill is a top priority activity for the Registry and is anticipated that the Bill will be introduced on the floor of Parliament at the earliest Parliament Sitting in the new financial year. The District Awareness and Cultural Festivals are key activities that will support the Registry’s efforts in raising awareness on political parties in order for people to know more about political parties.
Mentoring of party executives is part of the Registry’s Mentoring Initiative which will run for the next three years. Like the Awareness program, it is a flagship program aimed at dealing with party executives on a one-on-one basis, and getting to know and understand issues affecting the operations of political parties. Mentoring of selected women is a new activity and is an extension of the Mentoring program. It is aimed at supporting women candidates who will be contesting the 2022 National Elections. The Registry will be working closely with key stakeholders and partners in rolling out this activity.
Another key activity for the Registry in 2020 will be to host two political parties forum respectively in May and October. This forums will enable the Registry to inform political parties on important updates and at the same time, continue the dialogue process with political parties in terms of the governance of the OLIPPAC.
The printing of reports is an important activity of the Registry and includes Annual Reports, 2016 Survey Report, 2019 LLG Observation Report, 2018 Motu-Koitabu Observation Report, and the 2018 Awareness Report on Bogia and Sumkar Districts of Madang province. Apart from the Annual Reports, the four remaining reports are evidence-based reports which will greatly guide the Registry in providing robust policy options to the Government at the sector level. Once published it will also be of great use to stakeholders and the public as a resource material about political parties in the country.