Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Australian Labor International Course 2018 attended by IPPCC Officer

By Marie Fraghi

The Australian Labor International (ALI) Course is a short scholarship program by the Australian Labor Party which runs Progressive Campaigns Insight Course (PCI), designed for political officials, government advisers, staff from opposition parties and minor parties from the region. Since 2006 ALI has facilitated training opportunities for young progressive activists, party officials, and political advisers from the region to attend Australian-based training.

This year, Ms Marie Fraghi was selected to attend this program in Canberra, Australia from the 25th – 30th November 2018.

The course emphasizes practical skills in the following;
  • -          The relationship between public policy, administration and political management
  • -          Developing leadership, communication and organizing skills
  • -          Demonstrating the importance of practical training in member-based political parties
  • -          Understanding how alliances and data assist in grassroots campaigning
  • -          Building skills in political strategy development, planning and tactics
  • -          Learning how to advise and support political leaders
  • -          Supporting gender equality and female recruitment, retention and participation
  • -          The functions and activities of a political office.

The course was facilitated by ALI and included presentations and trainings from highly experienced members of parliament, advisers, researchers as well as experienced Labor Party officials and staff.

Successful completion of the ALI Program. Participants with their Certificates.
L-R: Haena-Mongolia, Purvi-India, Marie-PNG, Elias-Facilitator, Tin Tao- Malaysia, Doris-Philippines, Jose- Timor Leste, Tina-Indonesian
Bottom: Asala- Timor Leste and Fred - Philippines
Other countries that also took part in the Progressive Campaign Insight Course (PCI) included; Malaysia, Indonesian, Philippines, Timor Leste (East Timor), Mongolia, India and Papua New Guinea. Ms. Fraghi was the only Pacific Islander and non-party official in the program.

The participants got to learn and share from each other’s experience especially with the challenges encountered by the political parties.

The curriculum was based on principles of good governance, accountability and transparency, encouraging participants to share their ideas and experiences about party-building, policy making and community engagement with their peers here and overseas. This course is a practical way the ALP assists other parties through the Australian Political Parties for Democracy Program (APPDP).