Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Highlights of 2019 Budget

 By Peter Wotomu

The format of budget preparation and submission changed from the traditional budget preparation based on the historical expenditure trends to priority activity based budgeting commencing from the 2014 Financial Year.

The new budget preparation format requires all priority expenditures to be submitted in a priority budget with details of the priority expenditures in accordance with the Registry’s medium term works programme in line with the Government’s Medium Term Development Strategy (MTDS).

The normal Operational Expenditure for the financial year is normally released through the annual and subsequently through the monthly cash ceiling each month which includes both the personnel emoluments and for general goods and services.

The Registry’s Priority Expenditure budget was submitted to the Department Of treasury in July 2018 totalling approximately K2.9m. However it appears that there was no appropriation given for priority expenditure for 2019 because the total appropriation for goods and services for the Registry for 2019 is only K818, 200.00.

Budget Comparisons

There is very little change in the budget appropriation between 2019 and 2018 Financial Years even though upward movements have been noted in the Personnel Emolument items by 20% and 3% respectively in both Board & Secretariat and the Political Parties activities.

Although there has been an increase in the Grants & Subsidies the increase is not adequate to cover the total annual grant expected of K1,110.00.

There has been general cuts in the Registry’s budget in 2019 across the Board and therefore it will be certainly difficult for the Registry to implement all its work plan for the Financial Year.

Refer Table Below For The Movements Between 2018 & 2019 Financial Years.