Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Registry uses mentoring approach to train Political Parties

Kila Poka, General Secretary for PNG Party with mentors 
Solomon Puana and Jacinta Rakuafery 
By Claudio Labeli
After the 2017 general election, the Registry decided to changes its approach in training political parties. This was due to the observations by the Registry on a survey conducted in 2016 and the election observation of the 2017 National General Elections. A major finding was that political parties were still unknown to vast majority of the population and did not have influence when it comes to voting hence, voters do not vote for parties. 

In June 2018 selected Registry staff underwent an intensive one week “train the trainer” program facilitated by the Australian Labor Party (ALP) officials. The training saw 15 staff successfully completing the trainers program. Each staff were put into pairs and allocated four political parties each to mentor. This saw the first mentoring program began in late September 2018 with one session held for the year.

This approach anticipates to see more interactions between the trainers and the party executives whereby a lot more questions and answers are exchanged. The training is targeted for the General Secretary and the Presidents of each parties. Four sessions will be conducted on a quarterly basis every year till 2021. A training manual is currently been developed for this mentoring program by the ALP and the Registry.

The Registrar is pleased with the mentoring so far which allowed party executives to have me to one contact with mentors who are staff of the Registry.