Sunday, August 23, 2020

Information on Parties and MPs now online

The registry of Political Parties recently launched its Parties and Members of Parliament (PAMPS) app as part of its awareness program. In 2016 the Registry conducted a survey on the perception of people about political parties including an observation of the 2017 national elections, found that not a lot of people know much about Political Parties in the country. This prompted the Registry to begin a serious of awareness campaign starting in 2017 straight after the national election. The Registry conducted numerous awareness activities that involved road shows, visitation to educational institutions in provinces, district awareness and cultural show participation. In launching the PAMPS app, the Registrar, Dr Alphonse Gelu explained that PAMPS did not cost the registry any money. “It is the initiative of the staff who developed PAMPS as an option to getting people to know more of the political parties.” He further encouraged the general public to be members of political parties. “This would allow parties to have a solid foundation in which they will stand on in pursuing their aspiration to form Government.” This app compliments the ongoing awareness activities that is currently underway. It is targeted at mobile device users. These are mostly school aged pupils, professionals and general public as a whole. It is an informative app that aims to provide information about; All registered (46) Political parties and their contacts, Total number of MPs under each Political Party, MPs and the parties they are affiliated to, Party executives & their contact, General Party information, policies and visions. The app is free to download and is available on the Registry’s website: