Sunday, November 17, 2019

Finalisation of the Revised OLIPPAC

By Solomon Puana
After completing the process of conducting a nationwide consultations on the Revised OLIPPAC from 20th May to 15th July 2019, the Registry took a week off to Alotau from 01st to 08th August 2019 to finalise the draft Revised OLIPPAC at the Masurina Conference Centre. The team comprised of 11 staff from the Registry which included the Registrar who led the team, Mr John Bishop, Mr Emmanuel Pok, Mr Ila Pala, Ms Marie Fraghi, Mr Claudio Labeli, Mr Kennedy Pais, Ms Madeline Saga, Mr William Garena, Mr Anton Napia and Mr Solomon Puana to put together the Revised OLIPPAC. The purpose of the trip to Alotau was to keep away from distractions and concentrate on finalizing the draft as it is important for the Registry to submit the final draft to NEC and Parliament before the next Parliament Seating which will be held in November, 2019. The main aim of the Registry is for the Revised OLIPPAC to be passed before 2022 so that the Organic Law can be tested in the coming election and at the same time for the Registry to effectively carry out its operations in managing the political party’s affairs.
On 02nd August 2019, the Registrar went through with the team on the revised OLIPPAC, section by section and the changes proposed to be inserted in the revised OLIPPAC. While going the through the revised OLIPPAC, the views of the people were also considered in the proposed changes in the Revised OLIPPAC.
On 03rd August, Mr Pais presented the data collected on the proposed changes. While cross checking the data against the proposed changes that were already inserted in the revised OLIPPAC, the team had to agree with the final changes to finalise the draft revised OLIPPAC. On 04th August, the team continued on with finalising the Administration Act Bill and the Regulations of the Bill. On the 05th and 06th August, the team was put into four groups to work on the whole package of the revised OLIPPAC.
The Registrar and Mr Bishop worked on the Administrative Act Bill. Mr Pok and Mr Puana worked on the Drafting Instruction, Explanatory Notes, the First Reading and the NEC Submission of the Constitutional Amendments. Mr Pais, Mr Garena and Ms Saga worked on the Drafting Instructions, Explanatory Notes, the First, second and third Readings of the Revised OLIPPAC. Mr Pala and Ms Fraghi worked on the Regulation Bill and Forms of the Revised OLIPPAC. All in all, the work on finalizing the draft Revised OLIPPAC has been a success with the proposed changes been inserted considering the views and the data collected from the people during the nationwide consultations in the country. The Registry now is in the final stages of putting together all necessary documents with the proposed Constitutional Amendments and the draft Revised OLIPPAC to be submitted to the National Executive Council and Parliament for its approval and passing of the Bill.