Thursday, May 23, 2024

Pangu Pati Inc. Training and Induction Workshops

By Solomon Puana
The Registry of Political Parties is the mandated body that protects the elections from outside and hidden influences and also deals with political institutions (Political Parties) in strengthening them because they are the major key payers in our democratic system of government. The Registry was pleased and grateful to be part of the Training and Induction Workshop conducted by the Pangu Pati Inc (PPI) in the four (4) regions of the country from November to December 2023. The first leg of the induction workshop was held in Port Moresby for the Southern Region executives from the 4th to the 5th of November 2023, the second was conducted in Kokopo, East New Britain Province for the New Guinea Islands Region executives from 13th to the 14th November 2023, the third leg of the workshop was conducted in Kundiawa, Chimbu Province from the 29th to 30th November 2023. The training and induction workshop was concluded on 2nd of December, 2023, in Lae, Morobe Province for the Momase region executives.
The PPI training and induction program was an initiative to assist the Pangu Pati Inc. Provincial Executives of its 22 branches in the country. This initiative is a pilot program that will be conducted for a duration of five years until 2027. The training and induction workshop was formulated by Pangu Pati Inc. in partnership with the Registry of political parties to deliver during the four (4) regional workshops in the country.
The focus of the PPI Training and Induction workshop is in consistent with what the Registry is embarking on, and that is to promote and strengthen political parties in our young democracy. The main purpose of the Training and Induction workshop was to build and develop the capacity of Pangu Pati Inc. Provincial Executives to better manage the party in their respective provincial branches, and at the same time to prepare them for the next National General Elections in 2027.
It has been for far too long that political parties only exist during election time and are extremely weak. This needs a total transformation. The Registry is now encouraging and calling all registered political parties to come out of the comfort zones and take similar approaches to build and grow their parties, so that we can have strong and viable democratic party system in our country.